Water-Wise Gardening Information

Landscape Education Classes

Learn how to beautify your garden and use water more efficiently in water-wise landscaping classes.

All classes are FREE and offered on a first come first served basis. Registration is required.

Classes are scheduled for the spring and fall.
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Visit www.bawsca.org for more information.

Plant Finder

Sunset's online Plant Finder, is a popular tool that helps consumers pick the right plants and flowers for their climate. Launched in February 2012 with a new companion mobile app also sponsored by Save Our Water, the Plant Finder features 2,000 of the West's most popular plants, including 1,000 brand-new plants—all searchable by Sunset Climate Zone, plant type, sun and water requirements, height, spread, color, problem-solving attributes and special needs such as arid climate and dry shade.

Gardening Literature

CCWD offers many reprints from popular gardening magazines such as Sunset Magazine and Bay Nature Magazine. Reprints include information on gardening basics, manual watering devices, maintaining your sprinkler system, and detailed information on water efficient plants, soil type and garden design.

Bay-Friendly Gardening - From Your Backyard to the Bay “Bay-Friendly Gardening – From your backyard to the Bay” contains information on soils, composting, mulch, pruning, integrated pest management, plants and garden design. Learn gardening practices that will help conserve water, save energy, reduce solid waste, reduce hazardous waste, and protect the local watershed. Create your ideal vegetable, flower, or low maintenance garden and contribute toward a healthy community. This booklet was created by StopWaste.Org and was reprinted by the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA). This booklet is free to Coastside County Water District Customers.
Sunset Magazine's How to Water Your Garden “How to Water Your Garden” by Sunset Magazine includes information on proper drainage, using a soil probe, watering your garden efficiently, the importance of hydrozoning, and detailed information on irrigations systems (from drip to hand watering).
Sunset Magazine's Water-Wise Gardening for California Water Wise Gardening for California”, also by Sunset Magazine, discusses climate zones according to the Sunset Western Garden Book as well as discusses specific water-conserving species of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. This reprint covers the importance of choosing the right type of grass for your home or area as well as how to manage thirsty plants such as roses, vegetables, and lawns.
Bay Nature Magazine's "Soil Matters: From Backyard to Backcountry" “Soil Matters: From Backyard to Backcountry” is a new reprint by Bay Nature Magazine. This useful reprint discusses Bay Area soils types, including coastal soils here in Half Moon Bay, as well as real garden stories on how to turn hard unworkable soil into healthy and organic soil types. “Soil Matters” provides a list of soil friendly practices such as mulching and composting, as well as a list of useful resources.
Bay Nature Magazine's "Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants" “Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants” by Bay Nature Magazine reviews gardens that utilize versatile native plants to create backyard habitats for local wildlife such as butterflies, hummingbirds, hawks, songbirds, herons, and egrets. A detailed look at oak gardens and native bees is also discussed in this reprint.
Sunset Magazine Backyards from the Ground Up “Backyards from the Ground Up” is a new publication by Sunset Magazine that discusses four different types of gardens that can be used to fit the specific needs of homeowners. For example, this useful booklet illustrates examples of landscapes for couples without kids, a family with small children, a coastal inspired backyard escape and a landscape that allows for convenient entertaining.
A Bay-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Mulch by StopWaste.org “A Bay-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Mulch” was developed by Stop Waste.Org. This guide helps promote healthy plants, minimize soil erosion, recycle waste, and conserve water. Learn how to save money, control weeds, and create healthy and attractive landscapes. This reprint is brought to you by BAWSCA the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency.
Water Wise Gardening in the Bay Area “Water-Wise Gardening in the Bay Area” is a gardening guide for residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. This guide helps you select plants and design a garden by giving detailed descriptions and photos of plants. Use the web-based database by clicking on this link: www.bawsca.watersavingplants.com/bawsca.php

Useful Garden and Plant Links

California Native Plant Society - http://www.cnps.org
CalFlora - http://www.calflora.org/index0.html
Native Plants for a California Garden - http://www.mynativeplants.com