Water Education

Water Treatment Plant Tours

  • 01-Alum-Feed-Pumps
  • 02-Alum-Storage
  • 03-Caustic-Pumps
  • 04-Chlorine-On-Site-Generator
  • 05-Flocculator
  • 06-Flocculator-Paddle
  • 07-Sedimentation-Basin
  • 08-Water-Treatment
  • Alum Feed Pumps
  • Alum Storage
  • Caustic Pumps
  • Chlorine On Site Generator
  • Flocculator
  • Flocculator Paddle
  • Sedimentation Basin

Take a tour of the Nunes Water Treatment Plant and learn about your community’s drinking water system. During the tour, you will observe the treatment process and learn how raw water is treated to meet drinking water standards.

Tours are scheduled between 9:00am and 2:00pm on weekdays. The minimum age of tour participants is 7 years old. Chaperones are required for participants under the age of 18. To schedule a tour, call (650) 276-0129 and speak with James Derbin, Superintendent. All tour participants are required to sign a waiver of release and liability form. To view the waiver of release and liability form, please click here.


The Story  of Drinking WaterGrade-schoolers learn about drinking water in this fun, colorful booklet that tells the fascinating story of water: The Story of Drinking Water. A Teacher's Guide is available to accompany the student's booklet. These materials are available free of charge to schools in the District's service area.

  • Water treatment in ancient Egypt
  • Our water planet
  • Water science-molecular structure, three forms of water, hydrologic cycle
  • Water sources - surface water and groundwater
  • How water utilities make water safe to drink
  • Distribution to consumers
  • Water pollution
  • Water costs
  • Water conservation

The California  Water Story, Grades 4-6

California Water Story (Grades 4 - 6)
These lessons integrate many subject areas (geography, history, science, math and art) and are designed to help students develop specific skills

These lessons can be directly correlated to the California State Department of Education curriculum standards.

California Water Facts
California Water  FactsThe 12-page, full-color brochure contains eye-catching charts and photos explaining California's surface and groundwater use and delivery system, the state, federal and local water projects, and environmental protection issues.

Alternative water sources such as water recycling, desalination and groundwater recharge are described.

A "Water Trivia" section includes figures on indoor and outdoor household water use, and how much water is used to produce certain foods such as tomatoes, oranges and pasta.

A section on water efficiency in the home and issues such as climate change and water quality are also included.