Opening an Account with Coastside County Water District

New and Returning Water Service Customers

A water service account with CCWD may be opened either by telephone or in person at the District office. In addition to a deposit ($75.00), Customer Service will need the following information to open your account(s) and establish credit:

padlockCurrent best practices are used to keep your account information secure.

  • Full legal name of applicant (business or individual)
  • Service address of water service
  • Mailing address to receive billing statements and legal notices from the District
  • Email address to contact you regarding your water account(s)
  • Effective start date for water service: must be Monday through Friday
  • Contact phone number of applicant where we can leave a message: mobile, home or work
  • The number of persons living full time in the household for residential accounts. The minimum is one person.
  • Personal Identification: If the applicant is an individual, CCWD requires the individual’s social security number or date of birth. A valid passport may also be considered.
  • Business Identification: If the applicant is not an individual, a tax identification number is required.
  • Residential accounts are required to inform the District if the applicant is the owner or tenant.
Please contact Customer Service at (650) 726-4405 for any additional questions you may have concerning your water service. Customers may also email Customer Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.