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View from CCWD Water Storage Tank Overlooking Half Moon Bay
View from CCWD Water Storage Tank Overlooking Half Moon Bay

FAQs and Definitions

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions. Please contact us if your question is not answered below.

Why is my bill higher than normal?

In most cases, high bills are caused by internal plumbing problems. Coastside County Water District provides our customers with dye tablets for determining leaks in toilets, which are the most common water intensive leaks within a house. Please call the District office at (650) 726-4405 and a Customer Service Representative can answer any questions you may have and will make arrangements to provide you with dye tablets.

It is going to be financially difficult to pay the entire balance of my water bill this month, does Coastside County Water District offer a payment program?

Coastside County Water District offers a payment plan program for those customers who may occasionally experience an unusually high bill or for other reasons would experience a financial hardship to pay the entire balance of their water bill during a billing period. Customers may contact the office staff at Coastside County Water District at (650) 726-4405 and ask for a "Request for Amortization of Water Bill" form. District staff will work with the customer to establish a payment plan that will work towards paying the account balance in full.

Why is my tap water discolored?

Discolored water can be caused by galvanized plumbing in your business or home. It could be just one fixture, such as an elbow or a nipple. These events are characterized by yellow to orange water and usually last less than 1 minute.

Brown or yellow tinted water from your tap can be caused by disturbances in the water distribution main lines. Fire hydrant use, a water main break, maintenance work, or if a fire hydrant is hit by a car, are all events that cause discolored water. If you experience brown or yellow water from your tap, allow the water to settle for a short time (1 hour) and then flush all faucets - cold water only - in your home or business for several minutes. The District recommends, if possible, to first flush your backyard garden hose for a few minutes. If the water does not clear up after the initial flushing, repeat the flushing every half hour. The discolored water should clear within 2 hours; if it doesn't, please contact the District at (650) 726-4405.

I am experiencing problems with my water pressure. What can I do?

If you should experience higher or lower than normal water pressure, you can call the District office at (650) 726-4405 and one of our field technicians can advise you if your pressure regulator valve is adjusted properly.

I live in Half Moon Bay and understand that the sewer service fees charged on my property tax statement are based on water consumption. How is this calculated and who do I contact if I have questions about these charges?

Customers who live in the City of Half Moon Bay are charged sewer service charges on their property tax statements issued from San Mateo County. The sewer service fees are based on your water consumption figures during the winter months of November, December, January and February, when consumption is usually at the lowest. For further information about your sewer service charges please contact the City of Half Moon Bay at (650) 726-8266.

How do I go about shutting the water off at the master water supply valve if I need to make repairs or have an emergency?

Every home, apartment, and business has a master water supply valve. The most likely locations for this valve are: where the water supply pipe enters your home, near your clothes washer hook-up or near your water heater. If you experience difficulty in turning the valve, or if the valve is not working properly, please call the District office (650) 726-4405 and a field technician will be happy to assist you.

Does the CCWD fluoridate their water?

No, but there are very low levels of naturally occuring fluoride in our source waters. Click here for details.